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    • Oh yeah I totally agree on not adding elder maul, I believe that was someone else’s suggestion.
    • King black dragon. The wilderness, But not wilderness boss? Let me explain. The part of the wilderness is getting to the king black dragon himself, you walk through 37 wilderness from the chaos altar to the lair. How do you get to KBD? As soon as you use the teleport you will get the warning: Do you want to go into the Wilderness ? Yes, you want to go in there. As you get here you will be in level 37 wilderness, walk up north west untill you get to the greater demons. Here you will see a ladder down. Go down. The next room you will enter will be a tiny cave with a bunch of spiders, just ignore them. Walk south to the lever and go into the King Black Dragons Lair. --- Ways of killing KBD In this guide we will go over all the setups and strategy to kill KBD with range, since i found that the best way. We'll go over the inventory and gear setup after that we will talk about the way to kill KBD --- Gear setups Here i will have 3 range gear setups for you. It will go from a budget setup to pretty much best in slot. Budget setup: Slayer helm Ava's accumulator Amulet of glory Anti-Dragon shield Black d'hide chest Black d'hide legs Rune crossbow + Ruby bolts(e) Any d'hide boots Barrows gloves Archer ring Upgraded gear setup: Slayer helm Ava's accumulator Necklace of anguish (Fury also works) Anti-Dragon shield Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl crossbow + Ruby bolts(e) Any d'hide boots (Or ranger/pegasian boots) Barrows gloves Archer ring(i) Best in slot setup: Slayer helm Ava's max cape Necklace of anguish (Fury also works) Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Twisted bow + Dragon arrows Pegasian boots Barrows gloves Archer ring(i) --- Inventory setup: A range potion - because the KBD will have an attack that will lower your range. Enough prayer pots because KBD will barely hit through your prayer so you can stay for a long time. Some food just in case you forget to turn on your prayer. --- Killing KBD Killing the King Black Dragon is really not hard. All you do is stand a way from him a couple squares so he won't melee hit you at all, since you will be praying magic. As long as you pray against magic you won't be getting hits. This makes KBD one of the easiest bosses to kill in Runescape. --- Hope his guide helped you a bit with finding your gear and inventory setup, go out and kill it now!   Ps. Might get updated later after i get feedback ❤️
    • you can buy avas from range shop, and having inf items would devalue mage arena 1 hence its the only place you can get it from. Would be fine imo to add the colouring kit rather than the items itself as an alternative to blood money shop since they're in there aswell. ----- and i strongly disagree on adding something so late game as elder maul to a shop, that'd be insane especially while developers are working on raids 1
    • I believe the prices of product in the shop should be lowered a little, should add an avas, maybe b gloves instead of having to get BM but make that a 2 day vote to buy it. Should add in cosmetics such as infinity sets like the light and dark. Maybe things like cosmetic hats like cavs and other stuff(can’t think of the others ATM) maybe instead of a regular mystery box maybe throw in a smiling box, and maybe also keep mystery box idk. But what’s in there right now are way to high priced for what it is, understand having more votes to get certain product will improve server popularity.😁
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