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  2. Great guide my friend!
  3. ye fk it kinda have to do this one C===8 Dicks
  4. Last week
  5. All I can say is gawd dam this looks nice and very well put together
  6. Sleepy

    Cerberus guide

    @Rxmeo The Spectral SS reduces the 30 prayer point cost and cut it in half to 15. but it doesnt change the amount of damage the souls can do.
  7. Rxmeo

    Cerberus guide

    Good guide bud, explained everything very well. Are you sure with the gear though? I don't wanna doubt you but somehwere i feel like a spectral can't be less good then the dragon defender xdd Good job though ❤️
  8. Guru

    Cerberus guide

    I love you @Sleepy. Will you marry me so we can have a Cerberus as pet? Thank you for the lovely guide, it'll definitely be added to the helpful-link channel!
  9. amazing guide good depth lemme try cerb now 😛
  10. ❤️😊🙈

    1. pup


      Da Waifu ❤️😘❤️

    2. SpicyNo0dles


      your ahegao pic omg xD silly! 

  11. The video is really clear and the info that is given makes everything really understandable, well done mate!
  12. Pretty great guide! Thank you, sleepy ♥ 😊
  13. pup

    Cerberus guide

    looks amazing, really helpful for the people that haven't done it or want to attempt it better :3
  14. Updated If you happen to sell any of the missing items pm me on discord or ingame
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