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    Members of the Konar community! As we have promised, we have another amazing update for you guys! First of all, I would like to thank all of our loyal players for sticking around and continue to play on this awesome server. Check out all of the updates note below. NEW CONTENT Hydra Boss Hydras are draconic creatures found in the lower level of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon! You will need to have 95 slayer to kill this creature! This boss will have the chance to drop our amazing Elven-Mage Set Konar Slayer Master Konar Slayer Master will assign you boss tasks. Are you able to handle these tasks? You must have atleast level 75 Combat level to get an assignment from this slayer master. Karuulm Slayer Dungeon Brand new Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Now you can slay Many different NPC's such as Wyrm, Drake, Mini Hydra, and More! Clue Scroll We now have removed all of the casket drops from our NPC's. Now you will have to obtain a clue scroll between beginner, easy, medium, hard, elite and masters to obtain your caskets. NEW ITEMS Dragon Hunter Lance The dragon hunter lace is a one-handed weapon created by combining hydra claw on a Zamorakian Hasta. One of the most powerful equipment against Dragon-type NPC's Brimstone Ring The Brimstone Ring is a ring created by combining three untradeable components. Hydra's eye, fang, and heart. Boots of brimstone Boots of brimstone are pieces of slayer equipment worn in the foot slot. You must wear this item to avoid taking unnecessary damage while at Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. You will need a requirement of 70 Defence, Magic and Ranged to wear this equipment. You must use Boots of brimstone or Boots of stones. You may get this item by combining Boots of Stone with Drake's Claw. Devout Boots Devout boots are a pair of footwear equipment which requires level 60 in prayer. You can get this item by combining Holy Sandals and Drake's Tooth. Dragon knife The strongest Knife in game, you can obtain these drops from NPC's from Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. DEAL OF THE MONTH We like to thank you for that individual who has shown your support towards the server. We will be giving out 10% Discounts on all boxes. This deal will end on 09 June, 2019 UPCOMING UPDATES Donator Zone First of all, I woul like to apologize to all of our donators who have been waiting on the Donator Zone. Unfortunately, Our Mapper has backed out on us last minute. BUT! we are working very hard on finding someone with talent and skills to create our Donator Zone. Thank you all for your loyalty and patience. Player Reported Bugs We do listen! we are fixing the majority of player reported bugs and fixes under suggestions. We like to bring you guys a quality server. Raids The reason why raid has been taking a bit longer then you guy's all expected is the fact that I as the owner and developer feel that we should have a great quality based server before releasing a bunch of content. Yes, the server is only 2 months old but with our progress, we will be releasing this content in the near future. Companion Boxes Companion Boxes, You will get the chance to pull them side chick off these boxes. Some pet will be focused just for cosmetic purpose and others will give you stats increases or a boost!
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    Konar Community, Today we bring you the second part of our 04/25/2019 patch notes, we apologize for the delay between the updates but we ran into a few small hiccups that we needed to iron out, and we strive to release only the best content we can. New World Boss Event! World Boss We have added a random world boss event that will begin 90 minutes in a safe area and lasts for 10 minutes. You can access this random event by typing ::bossevent. The stats of the boss scale to the number of players that attend the event, in order to receive a drop from this boss you must deal at least 10% damage before they are killed, or despawn. We will be editing these world bosses as we go along, if you have any suggestions, new mechanism, stats, scaling or values for each boss, please recommend them under "Suggestion" section. We can edit any attributes for these bosses, including damage cutoff, drops, special mechanics etc, so don't be shy! We really want this to be a very fun and challenging event for everybody to participate in and get good rewards. Some of the bosses you will see at the event are: Armadyl Saradomin Bandos Zamorak Dagganoth Supreme Dagganoth Rex Dagganoth Prime King Black Dragon Corporal beast Scorpia New Launcher We have made a new launcher, make sure to download it by clicking the "Download" button on our home page. This launcher will automatically download the latest client in the future so you will be staying up to date with any client releases, without having to manually download them. New Staff Icon Now you will able to distinguish all staff according to their roles and responsibility. Make sure to reach out for certain staff member according to the criteria that meets your demand. ::staff to view the online staff list Fountain of Blessing We have fixed the fountain of blessing here you can extend the timer up to an hour. Ability to Reply Now you can press tab to reply back to a player message without adding them to the friend list first. Tekton Sword We have fixed our Tekton sword where the effect and stats will work against all Demonic type NPCS.
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    World Boss Event!* The new world boss event allows for up to 10 players to gain loot at one time, per kill. To get to the event zone, type ::bossevent in game. If the event has already ended either type ::bossevent or check the quest tab, under events to see when the next event is. The event is every 1 hour and 30 minutes, and gives you and other players 10 minutes to kill as many of the event boss as possible. Once at the event, you must deal at least 10% of the maximum health of the boss to be eligible for a drop. There isn't any special drop rate bonus at this time for this event. The difficulty and health of these bosses scale with the number of event percipients. Bosses Currently Included in the Event! Armadyl Saradomin Bandos Zamorak Dagganoth Supreme Dagganoth Rex Dagganoth Prime King Black Dragon Corporeal beast Scorpia *The world boss event is subject to change at any time
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    Members of the Konar community! This update is one of the biggest updates in Konar history. As you guys are all aware we now have 3 Developers who are working very hard to bring you guys awesome updates. Konar is a server that focuses on "Quality over Quantity", so hopefully you guys will enjoy the new updates and new changes and we look forward to your feedback! NEW ARMOR SET Elven-Mage Armor - Best Mage Armor In-Game -The Elven-Mage Helmet and Robe leg each provide a 1.5% drop rate boost, while the Robe top provides a 2% drop rate boost, for a total 5% drop rate!- -Available in the donation store for $300 Tekton Armor - provides highest defense stats In-Game -Tekton Sword - acts as an Arclight, which is a very effective weapon against demons- -Available in the donation store for $350- Scorpion Armor Set - Best Melee Set In-Game -The Scorpion helmet and platelegs each provide a 1.5% drop rate boost, while the platebody provides a 2% drop rate boost, for a total 5% drop rate!- -Available in the donation store for $300- Scorpia drop: -need 1 hide for helmet, lvl 88 crafting, 175 xp- -2 hide for plateleg, lvl 90 crafting, 250 xp- -3 hide for platebody, lvl 95 crafting, 378 xp- NEW CHANGES TO OUR CURRENT ARMOR SET Vorkath Set Vorkath Set will be the only "Tri-Stats" In-game. Which means you can choose different combat style! -While wearing Full Vorkath Set, you will gain 8% Drop rate increase! "Vorkath Blowpipe is not a requirement" Before After KBD Armor Set We've noticed the Lack of Damage on KBD Set so we have buffed the set for you Range Lovers. Before After Custom Armor -Assassin Set- One of our players donated for a custom black graceful set. -If you are ever interested in one In-Game Custom Armor Set/Weapons, Reach out to Bowwow or Fox for more detail- NEW Changes! Home We have added brand new custom home! Before After Vorkath Boss -We have fixed our Vorkath completely. Exact simulation from OSRS! Skilling Boxes *We have changed the Skilling Box to give you a random amount of supplies with a minimum of 50, and a maximum of 150! Enigma Boxes Most Powerful Boxes In-Game! Will you try your luck today to get yourself a Party Hat? -Available in the donation store for $35 per Box- Drop Rate -Now you can display your Drop Rate Bonus- -Iron Man, Hard-Core Iron, Realism Mode will receive a passive Drop Rate bonus of 5%- Bond Upgrade -Now you can Upgrade you Bond up to "Champion Rank"- Blessed Fountain Our "Well of Goodwill" has now become the "Blessed Fountain" and undergone a complete revamp! You are now able to both extend, or re-reoll the current blessing. In order to reroll or extend the blessing, you will need to add either coins or items, or both. Although the Fountain does accept items, it accepts them at 75% of the item value. The price to extend the blessing is 40M, and the price to re-roll is 50M. Multiple players can come together with their items and coins to make this happen and optimize your gains. Future Updates Donator Zone -Finally, we are in working process of our Donator Zone- Hydras - We are in working process of releasing new content "Hydras" - Konar Slayer Master -We will be adding Konar Slayer Master!! Slayer Revamp -We are Revamping our slayers from scratch! Re-coding to where you can get the assignment to slay Hydras.- Clue Scrolls -Say Good bye to our casket drops off our NPC'S. Now you are able to obtain, Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master Clue Scrolls! Raid One and Two -Yes, we will be making these Raids from a Scratch, Thanks to our 3 Hard-Working Developers. We will release the best Quality raids that you have ever seen on any RSPS!- Player Reported Bug -We will be working on the majority of Player Reported Bug. Also, we will be implementing player suggestion and more!
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    I would add like started packs for ppl to help them when they first start alos so other items like elder maul void (not elite) Leaf bladed weapons mid tier weapons
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    Heya, at this moment, all npcs in Tzhaar cave drop up to 105 Tokkul, with no 100% drop assurance of them. How about we Upgrade this up to either 500-700, or make drop absolutely 100% and possible x2 drop? What do you guys think !?
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    Hello everybody, This is a hunter guide from 1-99. Lets just start right away shall we. -------------------- The start: To start with hunter you will need a couple of snares and boxes, to get here you will have to go to the teleport wizard. Walk north untill you get to teleport wizard and then follow the image below. When you get here you are gonna want to walk to the south-west, to the hunter store. When you get here, trade: Aleck, he is the selling of all the hunter items you will need. You will want to start of with buying 3 bird snares (Its smart to also buy your box traps (about 5/10 should do) already so you won't have to return to yanille). -------------------- Lets start training! Go back to the teleport wizard and talk to him. Follow the image below again to get to the first training grounds! -------------------- Level 1-9 Crimson swifts When you get to feldip hills you are going to walk south-east to get to the crimson swifts. Catch a couple of these untill you get to level 9. Xp Rates (every bird): Classic: 680 xp When you get to level 9, go to the next step. -------------------- Level 9-19 Copper longtails When you get to piscatoris you are going to walk north-west to get to the copper longtails. Catch a couple of these untill you get to level 19. Xp Rates (every bird): Classic: 1220 xp When you get to level 19, go to the next step. -------------------- Level 19-53 Tropical wagtails When you get to Feldip hills you are going to walk west to get to the tropical wagtails. Catch a couple of these untill you get to level 53. Xp Rates (every bird): Classic: 1900 xp When you get to level 53, go to the next step. -------------------- Level 53-63 Chinchompa When you get to piscatoris you are going to walk north-west to get to the chinchompa's. Catch a couple of these untill you get to level 63. Xp Rates (every chinchompa): Classic: 3965 xp When you get to level 63, go to the next step. -------------------- Level 63-73 Red chinchompa When you get to Feldip hills you are going to walk west to get to the red chinchompa's. Catch a couple of these untill you get to level 73. Xp Rates (every chinchompa): Classic: 5300 xp When you get to level 73, go to the next step. -------------------- Level 73-99 Black chinchompa After you reach level 73, you can go to black chinchompa's. Watch out this is in level 32 wilderness. Catch these until you are 99. Xp rates (every chinchompa): Classic: 7560 xp When you are done with this, congratulations you will be 99! (Just a quick note: All other xp rates will be added as soon as possible!)
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    Hello there Konarians ! This is something I've been working on for a decent amount of time right now, and the basic is finished. But i firstly need your thoughts about this ! Would you like to see a fully custom Minigame? Check it out down below and give me your thoughts. Divinity.txt
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    Fellow gods being zamorak / Guthix / Saradomin / ... Well I never intended it to be that way, but it could add a certain twist, that's for sure. The only negative I can think about it is, players just stealing kills from the others / being salty when they lose / ... The hardest co-ops are the ones where you don't actually need each other to win. I will however finish my full perception on this first and then we could perhaps watch what the community think of this idea. ^
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    King black dragon. The wilderness, But not wilderness boss? Let me explain. The part of the wilderness is getting to the king black dragon himself, you walk through 37 wilderness from the chaos altar to the lair. How do you get to KBD? As soon as you use the teleport you will get the warning: Do you want to go into the Wilderness ? Yes, you want to go in there. As you get here you will be in level 37 wilderness, walk up north west untill you get to the greater demons. Here you will see a ladder down. Go down. The next room you will enter will be a tiny cave with a bunch of spiders, just ignore them. Walk south to the lever and go into the King Black Dragons Lair. --- Ways of killing KBD In this guide we will go over all the setups and strategy to kill KBD with range, since i found that the best way. We'll go over the inventory and gear setup after that we will talk about the way to kill KBD --- Gear setups Here i will have 3 range gear setups for you. It will go from a budget setup to pretty much best in slot. Budget setup: Slayer helm Ava's accumulator Amulet of glory Anti-Dragon shield Black d'hide chest Black d'hide legs Rune crossbow + Ruby bolts(e) Any d'hide boots Barrows gloves Archer ring Upgraded gear setup: Slayer helm Ava's accumulator Necklace of anguish (Fury also works) Anti-Dragon shield Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl crossbow + Ruby bolts(e) Any d'hide boots (Or ranger/pegasian boots) Barrows gloves Archer ring(i) Best in slot setup: Slayer helm Ava's max cape Necklace of anguish (Fury also works) Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Twisted bow + Dragon arrows Pegasian boots Barrows gloves Archer ring(i) --- Inventory setup: A range potion - because the KBD will have an attack that will lower your range. Enough prayer pots because KBD will barely hit through your prayer so you can stay for a long time. Some food just in case you forget to turn on your prayer. --- Killing KBD Killing the King Black Dragon is really not hard. All you do is stand a way from him a couple squares so he won't melee hit you at all, since you will be praying magic. As long as you pray against magic you won't be getting hits. This makes KBD one of the easiest bosses to kill in Runescape. --- Hope his guide helped you a bit with finding your gear and inventory setup, go out and kill it now! Ps. Might get updated later after i get feedback ❀️
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    arclight (100 points) cannon pieces (100 points for total cannon) cannon balls (300 balls per 10 points) skilling boxes (50 points per skilling box) mystery boxes (75 points per mystery box) Cosmetics (demon mask / unicorn mask etc.) keep the skilling sets but let them give their bonus like should be. If these are made into tabs it makes it a better overviewed shop instead of a normal pile of items.
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    I guess Ill be working on it to the best I can then πŸ™‚
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    Nice guide, I'll make sure to try this later on.
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    Also BIS set up would be KBD set and T bow. (on task Slayer Helm/Slayer helm (i))
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    Awesome guide and detailed as well. A couple typo's but can easily be fixed. You should also mention that it's better to be on a Black Dragon slayer task to do that extra damage to KBD.
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    you can buy avas from range shop, and having inf items would devalue mage arena 1 hence its the only place you can get it from. Would be fine imo to add the colouring kit rather than the items itself as an alternative to blood money shop since they're in there aswell. ----- and i strongly disagree on adding something so late game as elder maul to a shop, that'd be insane especially while developers are working on raids 1
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    Some new items would definitly be good. Like more cosmetics Dwarven rock cake Cannonballs (when cannon is in game) Alot of skilling supplies. But lets not make it easyscape though πŸ˜‰
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    perhaps useful quest items? Like soul bearer, magic secateurs, dwarven helmet, ancient mace, holy wrench, royal seed pod maybe darklight and mythical cape aswell. All of these items are useful and since there's no talk at all about any kind of shop or anything regarding quest items they could just be added to the vote shop.
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    Great work like always! Appreciate all the works from you and the developers! Keep going bois #1KonarPS
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    IRL Name: Jordan Age: 21 In-Game Username: Hc Puppy Country & Timezone (Example: GMT+1) Time zone in Mildura VIC (GMT+10) What's your average playtime each day, and what days of the week are you available to play? 12hrs+ Do you have any prior experiences with being a staff member on an online community? I've had experience with Helper/mod/head mod/admin/head admins on previous servers Have you ever recieved (Jail, Mute, Ban), and if so, what was the reason? None If you were to recieve this rank, would you devote more time to the server? Doesn't Really bother me either way being staff or not im happy to play all day and night πŸ˜› What are some of qualities you think a staff member should have? Being respectful, Being Helpful, Being Active as much as possible. Why do you want to be a part of the Konar staff team, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (150 words minimum) i would love to help out and assist players with any problems/issues they are having or helping players to learn their way around konar. I think being apart of the staff team could also help with being in a completely different timezone for example i could look after server while staff from the other side of the world are asleep due to it being day time for myself. I'm Respectful towards The Staff and the community because its nice to treat people nicely the same way you want to be treated, I'm extremely dedicated by putting my full time and effort into the server even though i do that already. I've also have alot of experience with being on a staff team on previous servers so i have basic knowledge on osrs things and knowledge on what staff can do and can't do. I'm Just happy to give this application a shot. Let us know a bit about yourself (What do you usually do in your spare time? What do you do for a living etc.) Well My Names Jordan And im Currently turning 21 this year and living in Australia. I dont do anything to interesting apart from playing runescape ,konar,watching movies/anime and listening to music and sleeping or staying up stupid hours of the day and spending time with my Girlfriend On Server. My Future goals are to hopefully become a graphic designer or possibly a web developer in the future. I'm not really talkative due to being a little shy or bad anxiety. but im pretty good to get along with. If you were to receive your rank, what would you do in situations like this?... If you found someone excessively spamming? Give them a warning to stop then mute them if they continue. What would you do if you found out items had been duped into the economy? Grab The Players involved in the duping of items and bring a higher up staff to assist in fixing the problem and remove the duped items. What would you do if you saw someone harassing another player / staff member? nicely ask the player to stop and follow it up with a warning if they continue to do so mute them. What would you do if someone posted rude comments and posts on forums? give the player a warning and remove the comments/posts If you found someone using very offensive language in-game? ask them to stop using the "word/language" then mute them if they refused to apply by the rules
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    I've seen you come on the server and hung out with you ever since, I've seen you helping out alot around the server and you've been playing for a while now, you're extremely active and interactive with the community. I've never seen you in an argument with somebody or disrespecting somebody in the slightest so you definitly do have respect for the currect staff and other players. i 100% believe you when you say you play more then 12 hours a day, i've seen times where you were online at the same time as me, i went to sleep and when i came back 10 hours later you'd still be playing haha. Because you are in australia you definitly have a very good timezone for the current staff team! All this together: VOUCH
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    I will take a look at the application form and it’s requirements & rules. Thanks again, I will forward this feedback to the forums team. //accepted//
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    Will be added to my list, thank you for the suggestions! πŸ™‚ //accepted//
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    We'd like to thank all of our loyal players once again, but especially our donators. Without you guys we are not able to bring new contents and updates. Big shout out to those who have contributed in the past and like to thank you all for future contribution. We like to recognize our top 3 Donator of the month along with few honorable mention. ALEX You have won yourself: $200 Store Credit + 7 X Enigma/Super Mystery Boxes ESCO You have won yourself: $150 Store Credit + 5x Enigma Box/Super Mystery Boxes STAR You have won yourself: $100 Store Credit 3x Enigma Box/Super Mystery Boxes Reallybadrng & Emelie You have won yourself: $50 Store Credit I like to take this time to thank all of our loyal players of the Konar community. Congratulations to you guys and thank you for supporting our community! -Message Bowwow for your prizes in game-
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    Nice guide! πŸ˜„
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    this comes when i got 99 already 😞
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    awesome guide. Wish i saw this before i got the smack down hahah
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    Good guide. using this guide till 99. didnt know where to even start. but thanks for the guide
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    A huge shout out to the 4 people who made this possible, I brought together some of the most active and experienced players in KonarPS to form a price list Shoutout to @Sleepy @Delicious @SmokingMilf @kevin . Shoutout to @Alex @Devin for helping with the first update for the price guide couldn't have done it without you guys (25/03/2019) Shout to @Sleepy @Firemaker @Esco for helping with the second update for the price guide (26/04/2019) Price List M = Millions K = One Hundred Thousand GP = Anything below 1,000 Use CTRL + F for the search function on your browser to find the item you're looking for. Weapons: Abyssal Whip - 5m Tent whip - 20-25m AGS - 20-25m BGS - 40-50m ZGS - 35-45m SGS - 45-55m D Claws - 35-40m Twisted Bow - 180-225m Toxic blowpipe - 30-40m Toxic staff of the dead - 25-30m Staff of the dead - 15-20m Trident of the swamp - 5-8m Dragon warhammer - 60-75m Dinhs bulwark - 125-150m Dragon harpoon - 7-10m Z Spear - 25-30m Z Hasta - 40-60m Craws bow - 75-100m Viggora's chainmace - 60-80m Thammaron's sceptre - 50-75m Vorkath blowpipe - 150m Armor: Ahrims set - 12m Dharoks set - 10m Torags set - 7m Veracs set - 7m Karils set - 12m Guthans set - 7m Gilded set - 15m Obsidian set - 6-9m Dragon legs - 1-1.5m Dragon chainbody - 2-2.5m Black mask - 5-7m Infinity Mage set 2-5m per piece Bandos Set - 80-100m Armadyl Set - 90-100m 3rd age Melee - 250m 3rd age Range - 150m 3rd age Mage - 200m Vorkath Set - 550-650m KBD Set - 300-325m Robin hood hat - 10m Dragon boots - 2-4m Ranger boots - 60-70m Pegasian boots - 75-100m Primordial boots - 50-75m Eternal Boots - 50-75m Shields / Offhand: Dragonfire shield - 15-20m Odium ward - 20-25m Malediction ward - 20-25m Spirit shield - 5-10m Blsessed spirit shield - 15-20m Spectral - 250-325m Arcane - 250-425m Elysian - 425-500m Twisted Buckler - 100-125m- Rings: Berserker ring - 4m Archers ring - 4m Seers ring - 4m Berserker ring (i) - 8m Archers ring (i) - 8m Seers ring (i) - 8m Tyrannical ring - 10m Ring of the gods - 10m Treasonous ring - 10m Ring of suffering - TBD Ring of wealth (CU) - 200-250m Ring of wealth - 100k Necklaces / Amulets: Amulet of Torture - 60-80m Amulet of Anguish - 60-80m Eternal Glory - 20-25m Amulet Of Glory - 50k Occult Necklace - 5-7m Fury - 5m Amulet of the damned - 1-2m Misc: Dragon pickaxe - 20m Dragon axe - 20m Blood money - 20k each Zulrah scales - 500gp each Imbued heart - 100m+ Smouldering stone - 15-20m Primordial crystal 30-40m Eternal crystal 30-40m Pegasian crystal 30-40m Revenant ether - 1k each Pots/Food: Sara brews - 15k ea Super Restores - 25k ea Anglers - 5k ea Combat pots - 30k ea Stamina pots - 20k ea Prayer pots - 10k ea Super attack pot - 10k ea Super defense pot - 10k ea Super strength pot - 10k ea Super antifires - 10k ea Boxes/Bonds: Mystery Box - 10m Super Mystery Box - 15m $10 Regular donator bond - 20m $50 Super donator bond - 75m $250 Legendary donator bond - 500m $500 Ultra donator bond - 1B $1000 Champion donator bond - 2B Prices are not set in stone and this will be added to and changed as the Eco progresses we aren't even a week in but we all thought this might help some players. Feedback is appreciated, Regards, Wolf
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    I see it now Lol. By the way if anyone has items we forgot put them in a private message to @Firemaker / @Sleepy / @Esco
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    Such a straight forward man, leaving out all the good juicy parts that you have mentioned to me in-game/VC, not much there for an introduction but that is completely okay with me, since of course I'm Gom.. And I literally talk to anyone and everyone and get to know them personally. I'm glad to call you a friend, and a foe at times, you are a great guy to play/VC with and I'm glad to be playing on the server with you. -- Even when your little cute daughter wants to go water the tomato's πŸ™‚
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    Thank you for the simple guide! Hopefully this will help the skiller side of Konar. πŸ™‚
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    Good guide. Thank you!
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    For real, it actually triggers me. Nice guide btw. You should talk about the runelite plugin to help with the chinchompas.
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    Congrats to every TOP Donator and ofcourse every other PLAYER that donated a lil amount! We appreciate all the SUPPORT and lets keep the work going! and a BIG Thanks to the whole STAFF TEAM that make us all this possibleπŸ™πŸ½
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    Congratulations winners!! β™₯
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    Congratulations to the winners! That's some lovely goods. -The one and only Rice Soup
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    Awesome guide! Now just need 91 slayer haha.
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    Great guide my friend!
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    Access to exclusive Donator Discord rank and Forums Title God Wars KC requirement lowered to 35 Access to the nurse at home with a 60 second cooldown Increased chance at getting a clue scroll drop Increased chance at getting marks of grace Ability to cancel slayer task for 80k instead of the usual 100k Ability to skip the first 20 waves of TzTok-Jad Ability to yell every 20 seconds 1 Extra point after completing Pest Control Access to ::bank however only usable every 2 minutes Access to an NPC at ::gamble which gives Mithril Seeds Access to exclusive Super Donator Discord rank and Forums Title God Wars KC requirement lowered to 30 ::bank cooldown reduced to 1 Minutes 30 seconds 3 Extra points after completing Pest Control Ability to yell every 15 seconds Ability to skip the first 35 waves of TzTok-Jad Increased chance at getting a clue scroll drop Increased chance at getting Marks of Grace Access to ::teles anywhere Ability to cancel slayer task for 60k Access to the nurse at home with a 45 second cooldown 1.5x Blood Money gained from PKing 2x Blood Money gained while Skilling Access to ::yelltitle 5% Increased chance to get boss/skilling pets Access to exclusive Legendary Donator Discord rank and Forums Title God Wars KC requirement lowered to 20 Access to ::teles anywhere Access to the nurse at home with a 30 second cooldown Higher chance at getting a clue scroll drop Higher chance at getting marks of grace 2x Blood Money gained from PKing 3x Blood Money gained while Skilling Ability to cancel slayer tasks for 40k Ability to skip the first 50 waves of Tztok-Jad Ability to skip the first 20 waves of inferno Ability to yell every 10 seconds Access to ::Yellcolor and ::Yelltitle 7% Increased chance to get boss/skilling pets 10 Vote points instead of 5 when voting on all sites Ability to trade an NPC named Frank at home bank to gain 2 weekly mystery boxes for free Access to exclusive Ultra Donator Discord rank and forums title Access to the nurse at home with a 20 second cooldown God Wars KC requirement lowered to 15 Higher chance at getting a clue scroll drop Higher chance at getting Marks of Grace 2x Blood Money gained from Pking 3x Blood Money gained while Skilling in the wilderness Ability to cancel slayer tasks for 20k Ability to skip the first 55 waves of TzTok-Jad Ability to yell every 5 seconds Access to ::yellcolor, ::yellshadow and ::yelltitle ::bank cooldown reduced to 25 seconds Ability to trade an NPC named Frank at home bank to gain a Super Mystery Box every week 10% Increased chance to get a boss/skilling pet 10 Vote points instead of 5 when voting on all sites Access to ::teles anywhere Ability to skip the first 30 waves of inferno Access to exclusive Champion Donator Discord rank and forums title Access to the nurse at home with a 15 second cooldown Higher chance at getting a clue scroll drop God Wars KC requirement lowered to 10 Higher chance at getting Marks of Grace Ability to cancel slayer tasks for free Ability to skip the first 62 waves of TzTok-Jad Ability to skip the first 35 waves of inferno Ability to yell without a cooldown No cooldown for ::bank 15% Increased chance to get a boss/skilling pet Access to ::Yellcolor, ::Yellshadow and ::Yelltitle 15 Vote Points instead of 5 when voting on all sites Access to ::Teles anywhere Ability to trade an NPC named Frank at home bank to gain 2 Super Mystery Boxes 2x Blood Money gained from PKing 3x Blood Money gained from Skilling in wilderness
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    can you perhaps add lvl's next to the potions πŸ˜›
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    Thank you for the simple herblore guide, maybe get some more details of levels required/where to get the items?
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    So... You're interested in training Runecrafting... In this guide I will explain you what the requirements are, howmuch every experience is earned per rune type casting, afterwards the fastest way to max. I will provide some hints and tricks aswell. EVERYTHING IS DONE WITHOUT ANY BOOSTS / DOUBLE EXPERIENCE Requirements: Rune/Pure Essence (14.532 for Lvl 99 - 204.148 for 200M exp) USEFUL: An essence Pouch could be useful, but is not required. -> How to obtain? Kill Abyssal guardians. ;;bank command -> Less running at higher tiers. Lets talk about the experience rates first ! Type of rune to create + level required Experience earned Per rune crafted Runes needed until next Tier Air (1) 220 1 Mind (2) 242 1 Water (5) 264 2 Earth (9) 286 4 Fire (14) 308 8 Body (20) 330 16 Pure essence from here on Cosmic (27) 352 36 Chaos (35) 374 40 Astral (40) 382 74 Nature (44) 396 240 Law (54) 418 740 Death (65) 440 2.332 Blood (77) 1.047 11.069 NOW... how do YOU start with your training ? You start by heading towards the Npc who can teleport you into the Abyss. How do You get there? Follow the yellow line in the picture below! If you get inside the Abyss, you will notice that there are 2 "circles", an inner and an outer circle, you will be spawned in the outer circle. However, you need to get inside the Inner circle. As you walk around the edge of both circles, you will notice different ways to enter: Mining -> Mine down debris Woodcutting -> Cut certain type of trees Firemaking ->Burn down some type of stones Agility -> Crawl through a crevice Thieving -> Distract googly eyes None -> Go through Passage. Once you've entered the inner circle, you will notice multiple pictures which will look like this: Every rune shown here represents the entry towards the altar. So if you head to the air rune -> You will be straight teleported to the Air altar. KEEP IN MIND: Once teleported, you have to go back via ::home and WALK back ! But what is the fastest way to get 99 runecrafting? (Calculated without Bonus exp or any boosts) Type of rune crafted Starting Level to end Level Number of full inventories (runs) Air 1 -> 22 1 Body 22 -> 31 1 Cosmic 31 -> 39 2 Chaos 39 -> 42 1 Astral 42 -> 44 1 Nature 44 -> 54 9 Law 54 -> 65 26 Death 65 -> 77 83 Blood 77 -> 99 395 Blood 99 -> 200M exp 6.772 From the teleport wizard you can get a shortcut BUT you will need for most runes here a TALISMAN ! Happy grind everybody ! *With special thanks to MarkRs for supplying me with rune / Pure essences and Talisman's*
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    Lets start with the most obvious one.. In order to apply for Trusted Host: 1. You must be knowledgeable about all the dicing games (Flower Poker, Dice Duel, Blackjack, 55x2 and Hot or Cold) 2. You must be active (including forums and discord). *3. You must have over 5+ days of ingame playtime. *4. You must have atleast 20 forum posts. 5. You have to be calm in all situations and not rage. 6. You have to be known in the (dicing) community. 7. You can not advertise your application anywhere or to anyone. 8. You have read the gambling guidance provided here. 9. You must use the template provided here. 10. You are not allowed to reply on your own application. * We can make exceptions for special reasons *
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    Farming Guide Requirements Skills: - 38 Thieving (Highly recommended) - 99 Thieving (Higher rate of successful pickpockets) You will obtain most of your seeds by thieving the "Master Farmer" Located: 1. Wizard Teleport 2. Skilling 3. Thieving 4. Master Farmer You can obtain these seeds from Master Farmer: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Master_Farmer Items: - Rake 6gp - Spade 3gp - Secateurs 5gp - Seed Dibber 6gp 20gp In case of plant disease - Plant Cure 40gp These items can be bought at Catherby 1. Talk with Teleport Wizard 2. Skilling 3. Farming 4. Go east into the little house 5. Buy the items from the NPC Vanessa Locations - Catherby Patch - Ardougne Patch - Falador Patch - Canifis Patch - Zeah patch You will be using all these patches at the same time if you want to be efficient Patches Explained There are currently 3 working patches: - Allotment - Flower - Herb Each location will have 2 Allotment patches, 1 Flower and 1 Herb. Farming Explained 1. Start by obtaining all the necessary seeds that you want for Farming at the Master Farmer 2. Buy the items in the Requirements section of this guide and have them in your inventory 3. Put the seeds that you want to use in your bag 4. Teleport to any place in the Farming teleport tab 5. Rake the grass away at the Allotment, Flower, Herb patch or all of them(Click on the grass with your cursor) 6. Plant your seeds (Use your seed on the raked patch) Reminder some patches require more than 1 seed, also use all 3 different patches just not 1 patch 7. Wait until it grows (Growth Timer section) 8. When it's done growing click on the seed it will say "Harvest" when it's done growing 9. Repeat from step 5-9 on all the patches IMPORTANT: When you've done with these steps in i.e. Catherby Patch you'll do these steps 1. Teleport Home 2. Go to the Wizard Teleport and go to a new patch area i.e. Ardougne patch 3. Repeat Step 5-9 4. Repeat the Cycle This will make your XP gain much better than just waiting for 1 patch. Disease: Sometimes your plants will be diseased. Then you'll have to buy Plant Cure 1. Use the "Plant Cure" on a diseased plant 2. You'll know how it looks when it's diseased Growth Timer Type Time to Grow Allotment 10 min Hops Unknown Flowers 5 min Bushes Unknown Herbs 20 min XP Table Remember this is Classic XP Rate not Realism. Realism: Half XP of Classic Level Action XP Outcome 1 Rake 96 Weeds Allotment Level Item Requirements 3 Seeds XP 8-10+ 1 Potato Seed Spade (S) 216 5 Onion Seed S 252 7 Cabbage Seed S 276 31 Strawberry Seed S 336 47 Watermelon S 696 Flowers Level Item Req. 1 Seed XP 2 Marigold seed Seed dibber + Secateurs (SS) 1.128 11 Rosemary Seed SS 1.596 24 Nasturtium seed SS 2.664 25 Woad seed SS 2.772 26 Limpwurt seed SS 2.880 Herbs Level Item Req 1 Seed XP 5-16 9 Guam Seed Secateurs (S) 300 14 Marrentill Seed S 360 19 Tarromin Seed S 432 32 Ranarr Seed S 576 38 Toadflax seed S 732 44 Irit seed S 924 50 Avantoe seed S 1.476 56 Kwuarm seed S 1.872 62 Snapdragon seed S 2.364 67 Cadantine seed S 2.880 73 Lantadyme seed S 3.636 79 Dwarf weed seed S 4.620 85 Torstol seed S 5.388 My Route for 99 Farming How to use my guide: I have now given you the knowledge to complete your journey for 99 Farming. You can either follow my route or make your own route by looking at what level you're at after 1 run of farming all the patches. This isn't the fastest way to get 99 it's a guide to make you understand how Farming works and how I did it. Early Game (1-15) Low -> High Allotment: Potato, Onion, Cabbage Flowers: Marigold or Rosemary Herbs: Guam or Marrentill Mid Game (15-45) Low -> High Allotment: Cabbage or Strawberry Flowers: Rosemary, Nasturtium, Woad or Limpwurt Herbs: Marrentill, Tarromin, Ranarr, Toadflax or Irit Late Game (45-99) Low -> High Allotment: Strawberry or Watermelon Flowers: Limpwurt Herbs: Irit, Avantoe, Kwuarm, Snapdragon, Cadantine, Lantadyme, Dwarf Weed or Torstol
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