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  1. Totally enjoying this idea. Except for the mboxes as reward. I think we have to stop handing boxes left and right. Make it usefull items. Or cosmetics. Or even Exp like Pest Control
  2. The Requirements can thrown overboard for me. ( I mean forum posts) But you know how to write a not rushed application man. Disappointing to see it so rushed man. NEUTRAL
  3. the table of 2 2 4 6
  4. 242 or the other way around
  5. arclight (100 points) cannon pieces (100 points for total cannon) cannon balls (300 balls per 10 points) skilling boxes (50 points per skilling box) mystery boxes (75 points per mystery box) Cosmetics (demon mask / unicorn mask etc.) keep the skilling sets but let them give their bonus like should be. If these are made into tabs it makes it a better overviewed shop instead of a normal pile of items.
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