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  1. IRL Name: Noah Age: 22 In-Game Username: Subtronics2 Country & Timezone (Example: GMT+1) United States of America / (GMT-4) What's your average playtime each day, and what days of the week are you available to play? At least a couple of hours. Most days of the week I am available. Ultimately, it depends on my day to day schedule, but Most days I'll be on, until 4 pm. I go into work and work to 11 PM. But after my favorite thing to do, is game when I get home. Do you have any prior experiences with being a staff member on an online community? Yes, it has been a few years but I have been a player mod on 2 different servers (at different times), an Admin on another, as well as Co Owner on a smaller server (averaged 40 players a day). Have you ever recieved (Jail, Mute, Ban), and if so, what was the reason? No. If you were to recieve this rank, would you devote more time to the server? Yes. I do have an internship in Miami starting March 20 - April 4, however (2 weeks). What are some of qualities you think a staff member should have? Open to suggestions, whether of their character or the server. Ability to be able to guide players to their solution, as well as a sense of humor and overall calmness. Why do you want to be a part of the Konar staff team, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (150 words minimum) I'm very optimistic for the future of this server, and I would love to be apart of the growth of it. So far we have an extraordinarily nice community, and it would be a great way to help them with their issues, as well as protecting the overall integrity of the server. I'm a level-headed man, with the ability to troubleshoot and assess problems from multiple perspectives. I have the experience under my belt, and I would love to serve the community while having fun and playing the game. If I were to receive the rank of player moderator, I would make it a priority to make myself available for the community, as their public servant. Every person's opinion will be held in high regard when an issue arises, no matter how insignificant it may seem to anyone else. I will not tolerate any hate speech, glitching, or exploitation of bugs and will take appropriate action on the situation and players involved. I'm also big on communication with staff members. I believe that communication is definitely key (as cliché as it is to say). When it comes to bigger issues I will always answer to higher ups in a mature manner. Let us know a bit about yourself (What do you usually do in your spare time? What do you do for a living etc.) I am a sound engineer, music producer, and DJ. I have been working on building a career in the music industry as EDM is my biggest passion. My career has led me to opening for bigger acts, as well as my internship to ULTRA Miami Festival. I also work as a prep chef at one of the finer restaurants in my hometown. I'm currently un-enrolled from college, with plans to return. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you were to receive your rank, what would you do in situations like this?... If you found someone excessively spamming? Ultimately it would depend on what the person was spamming. First I would tell them, respectfully, they are infringing on the rules. If they continue I would report it to the owner, as well as inform all of the staff. If I was the only staff on, I would give them a 24 hour mute (assuming I have the power). What would you do if you found out items had been duped into the economy? I would inform the owner and all staff members. I would try to find out what player has been duping them. Inform them there are allegations against them for duping, and temporarily jail them (assuming I have the power), until we get to the bottom of the situation. What would you do if you saw someone harassing another player / staff member? I would respectfully inform them of the issue present, and let them know they need to change their behavior. If they choose to continue with their harassment, I would inform any other online staff members, and if agreed upon, impose a 24 hour mute on their account (assuming I have the power). Afterwards, if they continue their harassment, I would follow the same protocol as stated above, but with a potential perm mute. What would you do if someone posted rude comments and posts on forums? Depending on what my abilities are, remove it. Giving the player a warning. I would also inform the Forum mods. If you found someone using very offensive language in-game? Very offensive language I believe warrants immediate action. I would immediately impose a temp. mute on the player (assuming I have the power), and inform Konarps, as well as other staff members, and discuss what appropriate steps must be taken with the player.
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