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  1. Currently we are missing some skilling outfits in the game. Farmer's outfit and rogue's off the top of my head. Also I have just completed my Angler set and noticed that it does not provide any type of xp bonus as it would in retail runescape. Is this by design or a possible bug?
  2. These are pretty sick dude
  3. I think a great addition to the game would be the ability to track how many kills you have on different NPC's throughout the game. For example the only way I've been able to track my goblin kills for an Air Talisman has been through how many wind strikes I've casted. My second suggestion is the ability to search through drop tables by item. Say you're looking for NPC's that drop rune platelegs. You type Rune platelegs into the search bar and a list of NPC's that drop Rune platelegs appear
  4. Air Tallys are definitely not 1/25 😂
  5. How are you going about starting runecrafting? I'm currently trying to kill goblins (locked xp) for an Air Talisman
  6. For those of us who are level 3 skillers and possible ironman skillers it is nearly impossible not to die while doing abyss runecrafting. I think a nice addition to this guide would be: Name of the NPC's , Location of NPC, and what tailsman they drop. For example; I am currently wind striking Goblins outside of the Al Kharid gate in order to obtain an Air Talisman.
  7. Fellas! Also possibly lady fellas! Welcome to my introduction. My name is not in any way, shape, or form meant to offend anyone. I chose this name as a kind of play on words. I am a level 3 HCIM Skiller. My main goals are maxing as a level 3 skiller, maintaining my HCIM status, 200m Runecrafting, and 200m Crafting xp. Stay sick nerds.
  8. As long as these items are untradeable I see no issues with this.
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