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  1. Great work like always! Appreciate all the works from you and the developers! Keep going bois #1KonarPS
  2. Star is sometimes rude yes , but i've never seen him Disrespecting a Staff-Member. and actually Star is a very Active/AFK Player that's why from my side a … //Vouch//
  3. you're very active & helpful in-game, but in my opinion you don't meet the requirements like guru said, that's why i stay on Neutral too right now //neutral//
  4. Congrats to every TOP Donator and ofcourse every other PLAYER that donated a lil amount! We appreciate all the SUPPORT and lets keep the work going! and a BIG Thanks to the whole STAFF TEAM that make us all this possible🙏🏽
  5. you're an awesome guy, i'm glad to know you! you don't respond much in-game but when you do... then you Always try your best to help Players in their situation/questions. Keep going the work and hope to see you as a helper in future! //vouch//
  6. I'm Happy too to be a part of this Community! thank you very much and lets Keep going it !
  7. IRL Name: Onur Age: 23 In-Game Username: Esco Country & Timezone (Example: GMT+1) -Switzerland (GMT +0) What's your average playtime each day, and what days of the week are you available to play? -since i have a Tuning Garage, i can go work however i want wich means, i Play like 8-10H a day from Monday - Sunday Do you have any prior experiences with being a staff member on an online community? - I've used to be a Helper once in SoulSplit 2 PS, been years ago! Have you ever recieved (Jail, Mute, Ban), and if so, what was the reason? - Yes, i got once Jailed for NS(Rag) Players in Wildy wich wasn't allowed. not have to lie about that 🙂 If you were to recieve this rank, would you devote more time to the server? - i don't Need any rank to devote more time in a server, i Always devote my time to a server. even as a Regular Player! What are some of qualities you think a staff member should have? - Respect eachother, Patience, Experience, Why do you want to be a part of the Konar staff team, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (150 words minimum) - I had a very warm welcome when i joined KonarPS, and i appreciate something like that very much, wich i spend with a smile my irl money to help eachother to let the server stay alive and active. we Growed up a very nice community together, and hopefully it will be the same in Future! to be sure i feel i deserve this Rank because i have alot of PS Experience, and i can Help everyone with my best i can! even when my english isn't that good 😄 Let us know a bit about yourself (What do you usually do in your spare time? What do you do for a living etc.) - I'm a Skilled Salesman, after this job i made courses for mechanics and carfoils. this year i started a Tuning Garage with my Friend wich is going very good! we love to foil cars or work on exhaust or chip tunings! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you were to receive your rank, what would you do in situations like this?... If you found someone excessively spamming? - i would warn him…..warn him twice…. 3rd time i would mute him… after that i would contact a Mod+ about that problem What would you do if you found out items had been duped into the economy? - I would alert forsure every Staffmember, and tell everyone to Teleport Home for a few mins. What would you do if you saw someone harassing another player / staff member? - i would kick his ass irl, no one has the Rights to harassing a Player or Staff Member from KonarPS :)) What would you do if someone posted rude comments and posts on forums? - Attempt to Take down the Post on sight. If you found someone using very offensive language in-game? -warn him to stop … warn him twice… 3rd time have to Mute him, and tell a Mod+ about that Thank You all for Reading my Post! LY babys
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