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  1. Nice to see the server coming back strong after the nearly 2 weeks, thanks a lot for this !
  2. Good luck, love the goals and grinding spirit you have.
  3. Must be nice to have that snakeling 🙂
  4. Invalid

    Bank Command

    As an Ultra donator, I wouldn't mind having the bank command completely removed. Making the game more fair and realistic, however, the donator benefits per donator statuses definitely need to be reworked. As what iron papa said on the thread on donator benefits, there's no difference in benefits between regular Donator status ($10) and ultra donator status ($500). After hearing everyones input earlier in the cc chat in game, I wouldn't mind the command be nerfed *accordingly to every donator status* or eradicated completely. I'm honestly just with the community on this and what the majority says.
  5. In all honesty man, I don't see the need for this. The chances of things like this happening are very slim and you already get half an hour to get your items back from death. Plus, it makes the server more realistic. Sorry man, just my opinion. Thank you for your suggestion however.
  6. Revert bank command to exactly how it used to be, and change it so only super donator+ have access to it. After the latest update, the bank command has been nerfed in a way that it's unable to be used while in combat. I believe the player must wait 5 seconds after combat in order to use the command. Personally I don't think this is the right step to do as a solution towards several requests of moving the bank command to super donator+. It's what the community wanted and I really hope the bank command gets reverted to how it used to be and accept what the community wants. Or in other words, what should be reasonably done. It's very reasonable to move a command that useful and overpowered to the following donator status, rather than just have it for $10. You can't argue with that. Thank you 🙂
  7. Looks like the devs have a lot to work on ! But very nice suggestions.
  8. Thank you, I honestly hope donator benefits get looked into more deeply, especially since they're not accumulative and are bought separately.
  9. Thank you for providing the community with this, very nice !
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