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  1. GL on ur adventure
  2. Nice guide! 😄
  3. Username: Emeliem Age: 21 Timezone: CEST +1 Total time played on the server: 13 Days on Emelie How many hours can you play each week: roughly playing 3-10 hours per day so 21-70 Hours per week. Why should you be accepted as one of our Trusted Hosts: Duo to me being online alot i sometimes see people that wants to FP and there is no host online, and i myself do alot of gambling. Can you record with any software IF you have to: I am able to record with OBS. What would you do in the following situations (please explain in details): 1. If a player has been scammed and provides video proof or screenshots: I will send them real quick to a staff so he can sort out this incident as fast as possible, if the person that got scammed is angry/mad/stressed i will try to calm them down and let them know that it will get sorted. 2. If a player has been scammed and has no proof: same as above i will send them to a staff so they can sort it out, i'm only a trusted host i cant help more then sending them towards a staff. 3. If you see anyone self-holding: Self-holding is against the rules and i will immediately contact a staff about that they are self holding and i will type up both names so they cant run away even Printscreen. Do you agree with our rules & requirements provided here: I have read all the Rules and Reqs and i agree to them 🙂
  4. emelie

    George the Cow

    George is bae ❤️
  5. Take a girl for cinema and restaurant or take away and watch movies at home
  6. emelie


    WELCOME! 😄 hope you will stay and that you are enjoying your time here
  7. emelie

    Your work?

    I can Buy ps4/Xbox games play them for 1-6months and Then just return them to get My money back 😄 How is it to work as a volleyball teacher/coach ?
  8. emelie

    Your work?

    That Really Good of you, so you "own" that gas station 😄 Bet you got a computer there and play all day
  9. emelie

    Your work?

    Hia Would be fun to know what people work with 😄 i am currently working at gamestop and Done that for 2 years p.s i am looking for new job so wanna know what you do and if Its funny ❤️
  10. emelie


    Love it so Will stay
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