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  1. I always read the chat ingame, see people saying some drops are too rare or the rate is unfair for a certain items. This post will be suggestions coming from me and the community. Bosses Clue Scrolls - Since drop table update, clue have became significally rarer and everyone knows that. My suggestion would be for bosses to drop a hard clue scroll casket at a 1/150 rate and elite at a 1/250 rate on every boss. Or even lower depending on what the community want. - Ability to search for ''Easy'' ''Medium'' ''Hard'' ''Elite'' in the 'Find NPC drop' section, everyone wants to know clue scroll drop rate. - Since drop table update, I haven't seen any third-age piece from a clue scroll, Check the rarity of them incase the update interfered with that. - Make clue casket tradeable, Might help new players to make some starter cash, I know it is very hard for starter to make their first gp. - Add medium clue to a farmable monster as a reward with an appealing drop rate to farm for. At the moment there is 1 or a couple ranger boots pair in the games. King Black Dragon - Lower Dragon pickaxe drop rate to 1/756 - Lower visage to 1/2500 or 1/3000 if this is implimented on all metal dragons. - Make KBD armour pieces a broadcast. Kraken - Change drop rate of Kraken tentacle to 1/512, i personnally seen 0 drops of a kraken tent. Corporeal Beast - Remove sigil from drop table, create a roll that is = sigil table and make the table like osrs but sigil table would be 1/512 to roll. - Make Tekton armour broadcast. Lizardman Shamans - Remove CoX seeds drops. - Lower Dragon warhammer to a 1/2500, I don't think anyone want to do a 2500 shamans grind for a dwh. Currently the only dwh in game are from mboxes and it is a hell of a grind to obtain in game in my opinion. - Make Shayzien armour (tier 5) a drop from Shamans with a drop rate of 1/200 per piece, if doable cannot obtain a duplicate. UNTRADEABLE Tortured Gorillas - Add Zenyte shard to tortured gorillas at a rate of 1/1000, creating an alternative to demonic gorillas. Vorkath - Make Vorkath force drop a vorkath's head on killcount 50. - Make Vorkath drops 2 blue dragonhide and 2 superior dragon bone per kill instead of one of each at the current moment. - Lower drop rate of Skeletal visage and Draconic visage to 1/2500. - Make Vorkath armour pieces a broadcast. Zulrah - Make Zulrah give out 2 roll per kills at a 100% chance with some chance of receiving 3 rolls. Currently Zulrah can give out 0 rolls to the drop table, meaning no roll to a Zulrah unique. I have been dry myself for 400 kill for a broadcasted unique and a lot of people have went dry at Zulrah. Average rate should be 1/128 but it is more higher at around 1/200 for a unique with the loss of the rolls. - If left like it is currently, lower drop rate of the four Zulrah uniques to 1/400 or 1/350 to compensate. - Make an Uncut onyx drop broadcast. - Maybe mutagen lowered to 1/2000 each. Barrows - Ability to search for ''Barrows'' in the 'Find NPC drops' and release barrows brother drop table. - Check barrows drop rate if it is 1/17 like osrs since the update, or if it remained the same as it was before the update. Skilling Mining - Add the ability to mine amethyst at 92 mining and the ability to create 15 amethyst arrowhead per ore. Farming - Add the ability to plant trees and add the teleportation to the Farming teleports sections. Runecrafting - Add a soul rune altar. - Add wrath rune altar. Currently the only way to get wrath rune is rune dragon and vorkath. Fletching - Ability to make arrow shaft with oak, willow, maple, yew and magic logs. Wintertodt - Make Supply crate give at least, 2 rolls or even 3 with chances of more. Currently Wintertodt is dead and there is no reason to do it after 99 firemaking to get 1 roll per crate. - Also add Wintertodt to 'Find NPC drops' even if its not a monster, it would be interesting to know Pyromancer and Tome of fire drop rate. And finally Slayer ! General - Lower hard clue scroll drop rate to 1/150 on most of the slayer tasks or all of the tasks given by Nieve. - ''Like a boss'' unlock from Nieve. - ''Watch the birdie'' unlock from Nieve. - I also guess ''Seeing red'' and ''I hope you mith me'' are not coded aswell, I did not try those. - Remove Rune pouch from slayer reward shop and add it to the bm shop (Emblem Trader) for a price of 1500 blood money. - Make mutated bloodvelds counts as a bloodveld task in the catacombs. - Make Brutal black dragon count as a black dragon. - If ''seeing red'' unlock gets into the game, make brutal red dragon count as a red dragon task. - Make a lizardman task count when killing Lizardman Shamans. - Add Rune and Adamant dragon task to Nieves list with a low to medium weight. - Add Arclight as a slayer reward for 750 slayer points, and the ability to charge it with ancient shards. - Add slayer master Konar, make it have different task than Nieve, with the location locked aswell for the task, if on task by Konar 1/50 to get a brimstone key, rewards from the chest to be disscussed. - Every donator rank you have, it removes 10k from the ::canceltask fee. Drops - Lower Smouldering stone drop from hellhound to 1/5k instead of 1/25148. Making it still a rare drop but more achieveable. - Lower Leaf-bladed battleaxe from kurask to a 1/756, it is the best weapon to use against kurask, more people will kill them if they dropped this a bit more. - Lower obsidian armour pieces drop rate to a 1/500 each piece. - Odds of receiving a hard clue scroll from hellhound between 1/25 to 1/40 like it was before. Mostly is would be the only reason to kill hellhounds on task or not. - Make totem piece in the Catacombs drop in order and lower drop rate to 1/500 per piece. Superiors - Increase the odds of receiving a superior creature by a bit, to 1/100 or 1/150 and make the Faded blessing half it unless it's already what it does. - Increase the drop rate of the uniques of superiors creature by a bit, there is not many imbued heart in game and it would be nice to see one actually drop. - Make superiors drop a full totem instead of 1 piece. Other suggestion/QoL Some of these are from the discord of the server, maybe on a post like this it will be more reachable - Give loyal/trusted and knowledgeable players a rank in de cc, so new players know who to pm if they need help when theres no staff online, Ranks could be based on ingame time, activeness in the cc of helping people and just overal socialism. (by Alex) i like this one much, Bronze, Silver and Golden star could be kept for trusted host/ranks. - When in the wizard teleport, Add a new first tab that would be Favorite teleports and with each donator rank you can add more, Regular player could have 3, regular donator 5 and so on. (by Iron Papa) - Remove Obdurate blessing, Create a blessing that would bring people more into PvM. A blessing that gives 5% drop rate or 5% at an extra drop(roll) from current monster would be nice. - Holding ctrl while mouse over an item shows the stats and +/- stats comparison to current equipped items. (by Liam on discord) - Add a Undead dummy to test max hit, i like this one. (by Alex) - Make a Serpentine helmet have a +5 Strenght bonus like on osrs, currently it offers venom at an insane cost of scale for the same strenght bonus as a neitzot helm. - Open the Poll booth for some of these ''bigger'' suggestions. I am not expecting any of this to enter the game, but these are my ideas and I think they are fair. I would love to know all of your opinions on this guys please it would be awesome if you did. I also thank you for reading the post until here and if you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment. 🙂 Thanks everyone ! Bones
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