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  1. Username: mboxie jr Age:23 Timezone:centreal Total time played on the server:1 day How many hours can you play each week:all my free time inless out drinking Why should you be accepted as one of our Trusted Hosts: because i know the role of a trusted host and i can do my job wonderful and i think i would be amazing addition to the team Can you record with any software IF you have to: if i get told a software where my computer can run it What would you do in the following situations (please explain in details): 1. If a player has been scammed and provides video proof or screenshots: i will report it to a higher management so they can finish it up inless i have a command to deal with the issue on my own 2. If a player has been scammed and has no proof: i will tell them sorry u should of recorded and used a trusted host in the first place so if they wanted to scam you there be no way because a trusted host was one mming the pot to prevent the scamming from happing 3. If you see anyone self-holding:i will tell them that it is illegal and ask them not to do it again
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