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  1. you can buy avas from range shop, and having inf items would devalue mage arena 1 hence its the only place you can get it from. Would be fine imo to add the colouring kit rather than the items itself as an alternative to blood money shop since they're in there aswell. ----- and i strongly disagree on adding something so late game as elder maul to a shop, that'd be insane especially while developers are working on raids 1
  2. perhaps useful quest items? Like soul bearer, magic secateurs, dwarven helmet, ancient mace, holy wrench, royal seed pod maybe darklight and mythical cape aswell. All of these items are useful and since there's no talk at all about any kind of shop or anything regarding quest items they could just be added to the vote shop.
  3. DIVINITY Requirements: X level fishing/Mining/Woodcutting How to begin? Portal at home - nothing to be worn, no items to be held How does it start? You start your life as a human. You will find a pickaxe, hatchet and fishing net in the begin spot. You will fight Npc's starting low level to medium until High level. NPC's -> https://gyazo.com/82cde073d4179b82f156e582fc775935 Points are obtained by killing npc's and by skilling.The higher the tier of the resource/Npc, the more points you gain. The items gathered (skilling) don't add up into your inventory. Use of points? -> Upgrades Player upgrades: Man/Woman -> Highwayman -> Wizard -> Guard -> Varrock Guard -> Falador Guard -> Demi-God -> GOD -> Guthix. Weapon upgrades: Bronze -> ... -> Dragon -> Elder -> Divine Gear upgrades: Bronze -> ... -> Dragon -> Elder -> Divine Skilling upgrades: Unlocking the next tier Ending? Fight against your fellow gods. Rewards? Divine shop -> Mboxes-Barrows- -------TO BE DONE--------- The Room itself: Features: Potion wall -> Ability to buy 1 /3 / 5 potions (Super combat potion - Prayer Potion) Food wall -> Ability to buy 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 food pieces. (Anglerfish - Karambwans) Upgrade chest -> Possibility to buy upgrades (See Section Use of Points) Skip Timer lever -> Possibility to skip the remaining time until next round. Npc's: They will either fall down a trapdoor, come via an elevator or appear from out of the wall.
  4. I am still in kind of a shock, haven't played any server that had such quality updates and i've been playing rsps for a long time, well done fellas!
  5. As far as im aware the royal seedpod gonna be added in a different kind of shop in upcoming updates. Personally im against your suggestion because: 1. Seems really rsps alike ( yeah its cliché because this server is a rsps ), but staff is working towards more of an osrs replica which this would be against it. 2. Yes it would ruin some of the eco and your argument against selling it for lower prices isn't really a valid one since to get pure gp ingame its really easy, nobody would buy these items from players because of it. If we're talking about pk content there's only one legit way to make it happen which includes your shop idea in some form, that would be the tourney world in clan wars, where you can get any items for pking, not sure how the staff would implement it and it would be quite a mess to work on I imagine.
  6. WidePeepoHappy

    Hi =]

    That's a nice fella you're holding! Nice to meet you 🙂
  7. i'm not talking about this specifically, in general.
  8. Disagree, exception would be if the bug is game breaking and could ruin things quickly like dupes, boss safespots etc. There shouldn't be too many free stuff given out if you don't want eco resets every few months.
  9. The video is really clear and the info that is given makes everything really understandable, well done mate!
  10. i actually really like this idea except the note un-note stuff, but this will not make slayer any less boring. The server is quite fast pace meaning this ''slayer dungeon'' will become one more dead piece of content in a flash. Imo next update / changes to slayer related stuff needs to be focused purely on late / end game content.
  11. Awesome stuff. As far as I know people were angry because of no info about the update rather than the update itself, would be nice to receive a message or 2 in discords updates / teasers section from time to time.
  12. Nice guide! I would like to ask you a question and point out a couple of things tho. Why do you prefer fire cape in budget gear setup rather than the regular god cape? and in the requirements you mentioned that you don’t need any range level at all, but for your recommended setups lowest range is 50 for msb and 70 for black dhide top and bottoms. + you should’ve mentioned that you don’t necessary need slayer task for kraken on here like you do in osrs ( obviously it helps dps wise ) so if you’re trying to rush kraken for it’s tentacle or trident drop you should switch out helmet slot to a range one for extra defence or mage one for extra dps. Other than that i find this guide good, thanks. 🙂
  13. there's 7 differently colored graceful sets not including the original one, that's plenty so I disagree.
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