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  1. As someone's that has seen many of the gambles you have done, I believe you would be a great member to the team! //VOUCH//
  2. Congratulations to the winners! That's some lovely goods. -The one and only Rice Soup
  3. Looks amazing can't wait to get home to try it out! Good work done by the developers too!
  4. All I can say is gawd dam this looks nice and very well put together
  5. You are pretty well known gambler and I believe that you have the skills and capital to fulfill this role. Goodluck brother //VOUCH//
  6. a dead man's Story so far: There once was a kid that went on an Island in Asia and then he ate something he really regretted eating. He ate ass. He paid a hooker to eat a huge cucumber on a corpse and he had so much fun doing It. He recorded Yoda doing a sick nasty backflip on his girlfriend. And then he360 no scoped a big fat Bully who ate all his biscuits . However his mom said that he wanted to eata dead man's
  7. Looks amazing can't wait for the upcoming updates
  8. Although I haven't been able to be active much but you are a very active and helpful player, and i believe you would make a fine addition to the team. //VOUCH//
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