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  1. hiii


    1. pup


      Hello baby girl ❤️ 😄

    2. SpicyNo0dles


      Hahahaha XD 

  2. Great update!! Keep up the good work
  3. SpicyNo0dles

    Helper Rank

    I really do think pups is great to have this Helper Rank.. He really does help a lot and oh gosh it feels like he doesn't get off from his pc haha, so it's really great as well, if anybody needs help, he's still online in game and he could as well assist whoever need help. Other than that, he's a really chill guy, super friendly, really helpful in game, especially to me haha cuz i have low knowledge on old school runescape 😄 so he's such a big help to me, he's like my Konar Wiki🤣 lel (thank you, kind sir) He's active in the game most of the time, also when i go to sleep & when i wake up, he's still online haha. Well, you got my support my pup ♥
  4. ❤️😊🙈

    1. pup


      Da Waifu ❤️😘❤️

    2. SpicyNo0dles


      your ahegao pic omg xD silly! 

  5. Pretty great guide! Thank you, sleepy ♥ 😊
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