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  1. How would A pk shop ruin skilling? You're still going to make money from selling the skilling supplies at a cheaper rate than a Pk shop.
  2. How would pking supplies be bad for the eco? Buying such items creates a money sink?? Also, Pking is not dead, 90% of the rsps community are pkers.
  3. Make a Pk Shop: Add the following, All potions, Food, Runes, Dragon bolts (e), Mystic sets, Black dhide sets, Rune sets, Ancient staffs, Unholy books, book of darkness, Charged glorys, rock climbing boots, avas accumulator, Granite mauls, Helm of neitiznot, warrior helms, God capes, Rune & barrows gloves, rings of recoil, dragon scimitars, dragon daggers, dragon spears, ancient maces. Pk tournaments: Ever hour, run an automatic Pking tournament for ingame rewards, Dh, Nh, hybrid. Alot of servers do this now and it's a great way to gain players. Bounty hunter store: Add royal seedpod. Host Events in wild, Ie HP event, players have to battle it out to get the most damage on the staff member with 10k HP to get good loot, this is also good for youtubers/advertisements. will add more at somepoint.
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