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  1. (First of all why is he doing dirty things with MY cat at MY birthday party?! LOL -- Firemaker you kinky kinky guy xD) That turned into
  2. Such a straight forward man, leaving out all the good juicy parts that you have mentioned to me in-game/VC, not much there for an introduction but that is completely okay with me, since of course I'm Gom.. And I literally talk to anyone and everyone and get to know them personally. I'm glad to call you a friend, and a foe at times, you are a great guy to play/VC with and I'm glad to be playing on the server with you. -- Even when your little cute daughter wants to go water the tomato's 🙂
  3. I always talk to you in vc, and see you online so you are definitely LOYAL and ACTIVE there is no reason i wouldn't trust you with my bank (if i had one of course) and you always want to dice with me ( but cant because i'm iron lol) so with that being said -- VOUCH
  4. Gom

    Yoda's Q&A

    Why do you have such a big nose?
  5. No theif huh, okay let’s say there’s an old lady walking down the road and an theif takes her purse not knowing that there’s actually a gun on this old gal, you run after the thief, the poor old lady grabs her gun shoots it completely misses the thief because she was going to visit the eye doctor today bullet flys through the air —————————> neeerrrrrrrrmmmmm AND SMACK!!! The bullets hit you in the leg.. ooh bad deal right? Do you get up.. proceed to chase the man that stole the ole lady’s bag or crumple down in fear the the dumb blind broad might fire again and hit you?
  6. Gom

    Yoda's Q&A

    When someone looks at you... What do you think is the first thing that they think about?
  7. If gom was standing in front of you with 10,000 USD offering it to you, would you accept it or kindly decline it and walk away with a smile on your face knowing that you actually pick pocketed his dumb ass and got away with 20,000USD instead? Sooo, good or bad?
  8. Gom

    Yoda's Q&A

    credit card info social security card any bank account information birth certificate pretty much anything that deals with your life just pm me in game ;] jkjk real questions below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ how old were you when you first got laid (had sex) how old were you when you had your first kiss was it with a boy or girl? If you could go back in time and redo one thing that would exponentially change your entire life layout, why and what would you do?
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