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  1. Considering 250 was reached, why not go for 500!! 251
  2. Yoda

    Custom Minigame

    If you have any ideas @Firemaker let me know. The rewards were just something to be put out there... But it can be cosmetic / useful / ...
  3. Yoda

    Custom Minigame

    Fellow gods being zamorak / Guthix / Saradomin / ... Well I never intended it to be that way, but it could add a certain twist, that's for sure. The only negative I can think about it is, players just stealing kills from the others / being salty when they lose / ... The hardest co-ops are the ones where you don't actually need each other to win. I will however finish my full perception on this first and then we could perhaps watch what the community think of this idea. ^
  4. Yoda

    Custom Minigame

    I guess Ill be working on it to the best I can then 🙂
  5. Yoda

    Yoda's Q&A

    Well idk, part of my genes I guess... And amazing, yet I do not have special powers 😞
  7. Yoda

    Custom Minigame

    Hello there Konarians ! This is something I've been working on for a decent amount of time right now, and the basic is finished. But i firstly need your thoughts about this ! Would you like to see a fully custom Minigame? Check it out down below and give me your thoughts. Divinity.txt
  9. Yoda


    Heya, at this moment, all npcs in Tzhaar cave drop up to 105 Tokkul, with no 100% drop assurance of them. How about we Upgrade this up to either 500-700, or make drop absolutely 100% and possible x2 drop? What do you guys think !?
  10. Yoda

    Who Is Gom

    difficult to read due to lack of lay-out. I like the introduction though 🙂 Welcome !
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