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  1. Klein hugo

    Callisto Guide

    Good Guide, but was hoping to see more details. Kinda suprised when i went to kill callisto with mage and prot melee and i was getting smashed
  2. Klein hugo

    Zulrah Guide

    I must be an idiot. lol i followed this guide and got k0ed. Time to reread it better lmfao
  3. Very detailed guide. Thanks for making my grinding experience easier
  4. awesome guide. Wish i saw this before i got the smack down hahah
  5. That would mean that hc iron men and women wouldnt lose there stuff. or their hc status. No support
  7. Really good suggestion. As much as i like slayer, i totally support this. Kinda interested to see what a skeletal hellhound looks like
  8. I think that the bugs being reported is a way you are helping the server. Don't think people should be rewarded for it. Do a good Turn Daily.
  9. Tbh they should have a gold set for premium price in shop. But you can color it so no support
  10. No support on this one. Pking isnt a big thing on konar. We mostly have pvmers and skillers. I like to pk dont get me wrong but i hate having people bitch about me dropping them hahahah
  11. Klein hugo

    Who Is Gom

    Nice to finally meet a wierdo just like me. But overall chill as fuck
  12. Just grinding way to riches iron papa. Message me ingame sometime
  13. Grind it my friend. Kraken just gets boring for me 200kc right here
  14. You would catch me maxing lol with 200m lmfao. Best of luck to your journey man.
  15. Good guide. using this guide till 99. didnt know where to even start. but thanks for the guide
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