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  1. and don't use Vaseline after you finish the tattoo.... lol use lotion because it's in the healing process.
  2. So .. From a tattoo artist stand point because I do that as well lmao You really need to focus on your lines. From what I see you really should work with stencils... and get Stencil stuff. that helps your tattoo stay on when tattooing. Only thing that I see is black tattoo's so I imagine you haven't practiced shading or color to much? Maybe something you wanna look into doing. Learn it and stop free handing... That tattoo is there for life brother make sure it's something you want lol. I know you will get better with time so overall keep it up man and keep practicing!!!
  3. Without a doubt you would be a great addition to the media team! We are looking over your application and will contact you via discord soon! Thank you for taking an interest in joining us and applying.
  4. Loving the Forums activity!! 

  5. I remember these actually. They're decent the stock images were edited very nicely. Check out the ones I made for some peoples XD
  6. Very nice video. Spoke fast but got all the key information and features in the video. I did enjoy it and love that your doing a giveaway. Only thing I would change is that Thumbnail. Other than that very well done.
  7. Oh lord I remember this one... lol welcome Rice wonton.. You probably know me by MonoBeast but it's good to see you here to!
  8. Finished our new Voting Banner Comment what you think below. Give your feedback and possible suggestions for future banner content
  9. If i'm judging this application as someone that knows Yoda and how he is in regards to being a staff member with in an RSPS community I would have to Vouch. Given that I myself was on the same staff team with him. Disregard the fact I was a Manager and Yoda was a lower rank he never let that get him down. Something you don't see in many members of staff, they always want to grow and be a higher rank but Yoda genuinely puts in the work regardless of the position. If I'm judging this application without knowing Yoda given what I see above... I would still have to say Vouch. Reason being that I've seen how he interacts with the other members of the community; and although the server is not online in full launch he is still there for the community to add his little spice of fun. To welcome new members and provide help etc. Not only does he show the ability to keep his content neat and organized such as this thread, but shows potential when being considered for a staff position. Whether it start as helper, or mod I know my little Yoder can excel in any position and rise through the ranks! OVERALL VOUCH
  10. Starting with a bang we are getting the KonarPS Graphics going!! Just here to share some designs that I've made for the server. I hope you like, leave your comments and thoughts below ❤️
  11. Straight to the point. You seem very level headed I can't wait to see your future influence on the server!
  12. You can of course 🙂 and heard about me? I hope they were mostly good things haha.
  13. Wow.. I keep seeing old friends haha. Glad to have you here!
  14. Names Bodhi Alias is Kai, I'm a Graphic Designer formally known to some as MonoBeast. I dabble in the Graphical designs 😉 Always keeping it real and hoping to see the community thrive and flourish! Nice to meet and finally see some of you again!
  15. Name: Community name "Kai" Real Name "Bodhi" Age: 22 In-Game Name: "Kai" Why do you feel like you deserve this rank: It's not a matter of feeling as if I deserve the rank as much as it is my want to help out and be here for the server and the G Bowwow. I feel the server can go places with correct ownership and team work. I feel not that I deserve the rank, I feel this rank deserves me. Personally proving what I'm worth and what I can do for KonarPS makes it worth. Do you have any prior experiences working with GFX: I have much prior work before coming to KonarPS. Worked with many servers/communities and Owners. I've exspanded recently to working with Twitter streamers, YouTubers and Facebook groups. I worked along side Bowwow in another community where Media was my main concern. Since then I've moved to other well known communities for example: "RuneServer" - With in this community I not only have my own service thread, but remain active and work with others withing the website/discord. Mainly known for advertising and buying and selling certain service within the RSPS community it was my main priority to be known. Other than that I also have my own YouTube channel (inactive now) that I consistantly made art for. As well as other YouTubers that were on my team. What plans do you have for the future, making GFX for KonarPS: Hmmm.. what plans do I have for KonarPS in regards to Graphic Design...? Well success never comes with out a great look :p my main concern when it comes to KonarPS whether being ranked or not is the look of the server, future content etc. I stand by my own when It comes to my homies, with that comes supporting they're projects etc. More or less meaning that my future plans are to work on what's here updating it such as the thread headers to begin. Updating anything and making anything that the server and or community needs. Making Graphic Designs for upcoming content and advertisements. Please show us some of the work you've created (Atleast 3 pieces of content): Hopefully a link to my thread is okay as well - HERE However here are some designs I have made: https://i.imgur.com/ESlZabi.gif https://i.imgur.com/wPjwHX2.gif https://i.imgur.com/JFWg69i.gif I can't really show anymore than that unless you go to my service thread because they feature other server Graphics. I hope these are suitable. How would your work contribute to KonarPS: My work would be KonarPS. Ranked as Graphic Designer means that KonarPS designs are my #1 priority. My work would have 100% effort never lacking. My designs will contribute to everything if given the chance. Contribute to advertising, community content, server related content etc.
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