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  1. I like this idea, only questions I have are; by the ending of fighting against your fellow gods do you means like godwars dungeon “gods” or like there will be a couple other actual players in there and at the end you fight against them? I would like to see a possible group you can go in with and basically team up to fight against the NPCS and then the ending you fight against each other, it’d be a nice competitive aspect because you want to work hard and get the best gear you can so you can kill the NPCS and get more points and you can come out on top against the other players with out gearing them. Hopefully this makes sense, but in a general sense overall it seems like a cool mini game👍🏻
  2. Oh yeah I totally agree on not adding elder maul, I believe that was someone else’s suggestion.
  3. I believe the prices of product in the shop should be lowered a little, should add an avas, maybe b gloves instead of having to get BM but make that a 2 day vote to buy it. Should add in cosmetics such as infinity sets like the light and dark. Maybe things like cosmetic hats like cavs and other stuff(can’t think of the others ATM) maybe instead of a regular mystery box maybe throw in a smiling box, and maybe also keep mystery box idk. But what’s in there right now are way to high priced for what it is, understand having more votes to get certain product will improve server popularity.😁
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