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    Username: Xiare Age: 21 Timezone: Central Total time played on the server: 1.5  How many hours can you play each week: 18-22 hours Why should you be accepted as one of our Trusted Hosts: Because I have been a trusted dicer before. on other severs I know ends and outs of the Dicezone and every game that has ever been played. Can you record with any software IF you have to: Yes, Normally I live stream my gambles to cover my own butt. What would you do in the following situations (please explain in details): 1. If a player has been scammed and provides video proof or screenshots: I will ask for the proof then take the proof and PM the GM or Upper staff to take a look into the issue. Or Instead of me taking the information I will contact one of the upper staff members to take a look into it for the person or have them contact Staff Directly 2. If a player has been scammed and has no proof: Simple: No proof nothing can be proven that person they will be simply without there stuff. 3. If you see anyone self-holding: Inform them that it is against the rules and is punishable offense
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