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  1. Members of the Konar community! As we have promised, we have another amazing update for you guys! First of all, I would like to thank all of our loyal players for sticking around and continue to play on this awesome server. Check out all of the updates note below. NEW CONTENT Hydra Boss Hydras are draconic creatures found in the lower level of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon! You will need to have 95 slayer to kill this creature! This boss will have the chance to drop our amazing Elven-Mage Set Konar Slayer Master Konar Slayer Master will assign you boss tasks. Are you able to handle these tasks? You must have atleast level 75 Combat level to get an assignment from this slayer master. Karuulm Slayer Dungeon Brand new Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Now you can slay Many different NPC's such as Wyrm, Drake, Mini Hydra, and More! Clue Scroll We now have removed all of the casket drops from our NPC's. Now you will have to obtain a clue scroll between beginner, easy, medium, hard, elite and masters to obtain your caskets. NEW ITEMS Dragon Hunter Lance The dragon hunter lace is a one-handed weapon created by combining hydra claw on a Zamorakian Hasta. One of the most powerful equipment against Dragon-type NPC's Brimstone Ring The Brimstone Ring is a ring created by combining three untradeable components. Hydra's eye, fang, and heart. Boots of brimstone Boots of brimstone are pieces of slayer equipment worn in the foot slot. You must wear this item to avoid taking unnecessary damage while at Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. You will need a requirement of 70 Defence, Magic and Ranged to wear this equipment. You must use Boots of brimstone or Boots of stones. You may get this item by combining Boots of Stone with Drake's Claw. Devout Boots Devout boots are a pair of footwear equipment which requires level 60 in prayer. You can get this item by combining Holy Sandals and Drake's Tooth. Dragon knife The strongest Knife in game, you can obtain these drops from NPC's from Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. DEAL OF THE MONTH We like to thank you for that individual who has shown your support towards the server. We will be giving out 10% Discounts on all boxes. This deal will end on 09 June, 2019 UPCOMING UPDATES Donator Zone First of all, I woul like to apologize to all of our donators who have been waiting on the Donator Zone. Unfortunately, Our Mapper has backed out on us last minute. BUT! we are working very hard on finding someone with talent and skills to create our Donator Zone. Thank you all for your loyalty and patience. Player Reported Bugs We do listen! we are fixing the majority of player reported bugs and fixes under suggestions. We like to bring you guys a quality server. Raids The reason why raid has been taking a bit longer then you guy's all expected is the fact that I as the owner and developer feel that we should have a great quality based server before releasing a bunch of content. Yes, the server is only 2 months old but with our progress, we will be releasing this content in the near future. Companion Boxes Companion Boxes, You will get the chance to pull them side chick off these boxes. Some pet will be focused just for cosmetic purpose and others will give you stats increases or a boost!
  2. We'd like to thank all of our loyal players once again, but especially our donators. Without you guys we are not able to bring new contents and updates. Big shout out to those who have contributed in the past and like to thank you all for future contribution. We like to recognize our top 3 Donator of the month along with few honorable mention. ALEX You have won yourself: $200 Store Credit + 7 X Enigma/Super Mystery Boxes ESCO You have won yourself: $150 Store Credit + 5x Enigma Box/Super Mystery Boxes STAR You have won yourself: $100 Store Credit 3x Enigma Box/Super Mystery Boxes Reallybadrng & Emelie You have won yourself: $50 Store Credit I like to take this time to thank all of our loyal players of the Konar community. Congratulations to you guys and thank you for supporting our community! -Message Bowwow for your prizes in game-
  3. Members of the Konar community! This update is one of the biggest updates in Konar history. As you guys are all aware we now have 3 Developers who are working very hard to bring you guys awesome updates. Konar is a server that focuses on "Quality over Quantity", so hopefully you guys will enjoy the new updates and new changes and we look forward to your feedback! NEW ARMOR SET Elven-Mage Armor - Best Mage Armor In-Game -The Elven-Mage Helmet and Robe leg each provide a 1.5% drop rate boost, while the Robe top provides a 2% drop rate boost, for a total 5% drop rate!- -Available in the donation store for $300 Tekton Armor - provides highest defense stats In-Game -Tekton Sword - acts as an Arclight, which is a very effective weapon against demons- -Available in the donation store for $350- Scorpion Armor Set - Best Melee Set In-Game -The Scorpion helmet and platelegs each provide a 1.5% drop rate boost, while the platebody provides a 2% drop rate boost, for a total 5% drop rate!- -Available in the donation store for $300- Scorpia drop: -need 1 hide for helmet, lvl 88 crafting, 175 xp- -2 hide for plateleg, lvl 90 crafting, 250 xp- -3 hide for platebody, lvl 95 crafting, 378 xp- NEW CHANGES TO OUR CURRENT ARMOR SET Vorkath Set Vorkath Set will be the only "Tri-Stats" In-game. Which means you can choose different combat style! -While wearing Full Vorkath Set, you will gain 8% Drop rate increase! "Vorkath Blowpipe is not a requirement" Before After KBD Armor Set We've noticed the Lack of Damage on KBD Set so we have buffed the set for you Range Lovers. Before After Custom Armor -Assassin Set- One of our players donated for a custom black graceful set. -If you are ever interested in one In-Game Custom Armor Set/Weapons, Reach out to Bowwow or Fox for more detail- NEW Changes! Home We have added brand new custom home! Before After Vorkath Boss -We have fixed our Vorkath completely. Exact simulation from OSRS! Skilling Boxes *We have changed the Skilling Box to give you a random amount of supplies with a minimum of 50, and a maximum of 150! Enigma Boxes Most Powerful Boxes In-Game! Will you try your luck today to get yourself a Party Hat? -Available in the donation store for $35 per Box- Drop Rate -Now you can display your Drop Rate Bonus- -Iron Man, Hard-Core Iron, Realism Mode will receive a passive Drop Rate bonus of 5%- Bond Upgrade -Now you can Upgrade you Bond up to "Champion Rank"- Blessed Fountain Our "Well of Goodwill" has now become the "Blessed Fountain" and undergone a complete revamp! You are now able to both extend, or re-reoll the current blessing. In order to reroll or extend the blessing, you will need to add either coins or items, or both. Although the Fountain does accept items, it accepts them at 75% of the item value. The price to extend the blessing is 40M, and the price to re-roll is 50M. Multiple players can come together with their items and coins to make this happen and optimize your gains. Future Updates Donator Zone -Finally, we are in working process of our Donator Zone- Hydras - We are in working process of releasing new content "Hydras" - Konar Slayer Master -We will be adding Konar Slayer Master!! Slayer Revamp -We are Revamping our slayers from scratch! Re-coding to where you can get the assignment to slay Hydras.- Clue Scrolls -Say Good bye to our casket drops off our NPC'S. Now you are able to obtain, Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master Clue Scrolls! Raid One and Two -Yes, we will be making these Raids from a Scratch, Thanks to our 3 Hard-Working Developers. We will release the best Quality raids that you have ever seen on any RSPS!- Player Reported Bug -We will be working on the majority of Player Reported Bug. Also, we will be implementing player suggestion and more!
  4. Congratulation to those who have made it on list. But we like to thank each and everyone of you that have supported our server! Thank you all!!
  5. Best Ds Ever, According to reviewing your applications, and speaking to the Staff-Team, we have decided to approve your applications. /ACCEPTED
  6. Ninja

    KonarPS Starter Guide

    Very good guide, very detailed and I am 100 percent sure new player would love this guide!
  7. Very unique name but at the same time, there are many unique name in the server. Have any questions always feel free to PM us
  8. Ninja

    Intro Rxmeo

    Oh yeah very active in game glad you like the server, welcome and enjoy!
  9. Welcome iron papa, I have seen you in game and like to thank you for your support. Enjoy the server :)
  10. Ninja

    Helper application

    Yoda, After reviewing your application we will Welcome you to our STAFF TEAM /APPROVED
  11. Kai, Thank you for taking your time to drop an application as a graphic designer. You have created many great graphic for Konar. Staff-Team and i have decided to approve you as our graphic designer. /APPROVED
  12. Ninja


    Whats up guys! I am Ninja also known as Bowwow on other server. I have created this server for old players to link up friends. I have decided to run the server which isnt Pay to win, and focused on OSRS based server. Surprisingly i never played OSRS till recently and fell in love with the system. I won't tell you my age, but i have been serving in US.Military for 6 years now, I may be busy time to time but on off time i love to play with friends/family. I hope you guys will enjoy the server, and i know players will come and go. But try to focus on creating friends and at the end just have fun playing the game. I am looking forward to running the server and improve as time passes by. If you have any questions, let me know via discord or even in-game. I am very active Owner, who will try to answer all all your questions. #TeamAsian.
  13. Damn homie, youre 25? i though you were in the 40s. JK
  14. Welcome, who ever you are. I am excited to working with you in future
  15. Ninja

    Yoda I am

    Yoda, Glad you find us man, its good to know that we can all link up again. Hopefully, you will enjoy the server. I am excited to link up with you!
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