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  1. We keep these updates coming and we will be booming. Love to see this stuff!
  2. This is a very simple suggestion and will make PvM outside of the wilderness a bit better. I propose we make it a safe death that way if let's say the server DCed you and you die and can't get back on you won't lose your bank This would both benefit players as well as staff as if someone dies due to a DC etc the staff at this point need to sort them out. This would eliminate most of these issues minus the ones that happen in the Wilderness.
  3. @Chilladin You are aware he was saying that the reg donor is too low to have the ::Bank command, yet they already have it. He was saying that it should be a bit of a higher rank perk to have ::Bank
  4. IMO Raids 1 fix should be upfront and foremost. Then Konar slayer. Fossil Island is really only cool for the new training crabs and for the Fossil Island Wyverns.
  5. Castiel

    Intro Akon

    Welcome man.
  6. Interesting idea with the Barrows Slayer Helmet(could take the colors of barrow gloves) Although that might be a bit too overpowered. But it is an intriguing idea. Maybe require all 6 barrows helms + another item(custom drop from barrows) to make along witih slayer helmet.
  7. KBD armour drop rates way too high 1/29999? Add a potion shop for donator+ Add Chasm of Fire Rehaul NPC drop tables(Got nothing from Ice Warriors earlier) Add achievement diaries/and a achievement system(500 npc kills gets you 1m gp + dragon scim for example) Obviously ToB will be a big update that will help us grow.
  8. Ingame Username: Castiel Forum Username: Castiel How old are you? 24 What is your current location? Northeastern USA Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? I am going to act as though 'wiki' means forums as that is my strong suit so keep that in mind whilst reading my application. No I have never been blocked/banned. Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. I have managed many RSPS servers and forums ranging from 20 players up to 200+ players. I maintained the forums making sure they were kept clean and stayed modern. Made sure they were pretty to the eyes and kept up to date with players ranks etc. Made announcements, update threads, event coordination etc. Create a brief introduction about yourself. I have been in the RSPS scene since 2007. I have managed, administrated, and moderated countless RSPS over the years. I enjoy watching RSPS communities grow and flourish. I am always willing to help an RSPS community that I deem has potential. I do this because I enjoy RSPS and the communities they create. I have never ran an RSPS for money as I think that leads to a failed server. If the drive and enjoyment for Runescape isn't there then the project is bound to fail. What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? Strengths: Loyalty Kindness Level-headed Problem Solver Ability to keep personal emotions out of my job Weaknesses: Easily distracted Not big on voice chat Work a decent amount Why should we pick you rather then someone else Well as stated above I have experience in this field and believe I would be an asset to the team and helping the community grow. I am able to joke with players and enjoy my time with them, but am able to be serious when need be and am always ready to work to get the job done. Thank you for reading my application and any constructive criticism is always appreciated! Any questions my Discord is always open.
  9. Castiel

    Hello all.

    The name is Castiel I am 24 years old and have been playing RSPS since 2007. I have managed, moderated, administrated, etc many different servers over the years. Some big and some small. I see potential here and want to become apart of this community. Some of you may know me some may not. I hope to get to know all of you!
  10. Will leave different suggestions here as they come to me Weekend events(with unique rewards.. for instance a Pest Control event which will give more points as well as a new token that can be used to track the amount of PC games the player did during the weekend and the top 3 players who participated will be rewarded with rewards from the donor shop. Matching vote, store, and hiscores page Forum pips(I can help with making these for you all) FFA system Last Man Standing Proper Konar Slayer Superior Slayer encounters if not already added Only Customs that work for an OSRS server Forum Loyalty integration(rewards for being active on forums) Remove Leviticus npc from home :P Will add more as they come to me!
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