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    Such a great dude and always has a positive look on things. i totes vouch but we're gonna have to decline your app since you arent no longer with us. - Declined -
  2. I agree with Guru, You don't necessarily meet all the requirements shown in ::topic 46, But i'm quite aware of your experience in the gambling world. Nice guy and always has a positive attitude. But for the Requirements not being met... //neutral//
  3. Also BIS set up would be KBD set and T bow. (on task Slayer Helm/Slayer helm (i))
  4. Awesome guide and detailed as well. A couple typo's but can easily be fixed. You should also mention that it's better to be on a Black Dragon slayer task to do that extra damage to KBD.
  5. Bottomless bucket requested from emelie
  6. What's going on people! I'm just thinking of some things to improve us in any way. What kind of items do you guys want to see in the vote shop? Should we revamp the items in our vote shop? Do you think we should keep them the same? I'm gonna need everyone's help so let me know what you think in the comments :^)
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    what a weirdo
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