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  1. KonarPS |OPENING SUPER MYSTERIOUS BOXES IN| #1 OSRS RSPS AMAZING LOOT | MASIVE GIVEAWAY To be Part of Giveaway - subscribe- Bell Notification on Like Video comment ingame name
  2. Network Engenies CCNA - Worked for one Third pair company who had Contract With at&t on USA - Vodacom ( south Africa) now Taking Break from everything )
  3. After Last Conversation we had bro i don't think you are ready to be on Youtube Team. Making Content you don't need to be rich or have best items on slot , Guiding your subscriber to how to do things in-game that's content too Not Approved
  4. I watched your all streams was there with you all the time as i always do to everyone who produces KonarPs Content you are Good on that , thank you for applying you will hear from us soon ♥
  5. i have been following all your live-streams and i like the way you do that man ... You will be Great Youtuber soon its yes for me , i will be happy to have you on KonarPS Youtube team
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