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Helper Application-K I N G

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K I N G    0

IRL Name:Daniel Whitfield

Age:(28 Scorpio)

In-Game Username:(K I N G)

Country & Timezone (California GMT-7)(Pacific Daylight Time)

What's your average playtime each day, and what days of the week are you available to play?(7+ Daily Hours Mon-Fri)

Do you have any prior experiences with being a staff member on an online community?(Yes I was a Mod along time ago on a server.)

Have you ever recieved (Jail, Mute, Ban), and if so, what was the reason?(Negative)

If you were to recieve this rank, would you devote more time to the server?(Yes)

What are some of qualities you think a staff member should have?(Positive Attitude, Dependable, Patient, Easy Going, Flexible)

Why do you want to be a part of the Konar staff team, and why do you feel you deserve this rank?  (I don't feel like i deserve a rank but i would highly appreciate it and I would love to help maintain and keep the server going. I want to be a Staff Member cause I've always wanted to help new people and I enjoy meeting and talking to new people everyday. I believe that if I was given a chance to prove myself I wouldn't let anyone down.)

Let us know a bit about yourself (I'm currently unemployed atm but I am attending LATTC (Los Angeles Trade Tech College) for my Associates in Culinary Arts, I love to play video games, I play League of Legends, Oldschool Runescape, Utopia Origin, NexusTK, ETC. But I spend most of my time finding a RSPS that I can devote my time to.)


If you were to receive your rank, what would you do in situations like this?...

If you found someone excessively spamming?(Ask politely to stop with the spamming and give the person a warning, and if it continues ask an higher staff member on discord if I have the right to do a small time limit mute/jail.)

What would you do if you found out items had been duped into the economy?(I would ScreenShot the person/people duping then let an Admin or higher staff member know on discord whats going on and either Jail the person/people until a higher up staff member can sort it out.)

What would you do if you saw someone harassing another player / staff member?(Ask politely to stop the harassment cause it can lead to a mute/jail.)

What would you do if someone posted rude comments and posts on forums?(Notify the Forums Admin on discord to let them know whats going on so they can delete it off Forums.)

If you found someone using very offensive language in-game?(If it's too offensive to politely ask them to stop, Mute and Screen Shot the Player.)

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crym0000re    3

try to be a bit active in CC helping players otherwise good looking application ❤️ goodluck  



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Guru    39

Sorry but I feel like this is rushed and it really feels like you’re rank hunting. You haven’t even been a member for a day, I think it’s way too early to apply for helper.

No vouch

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Firemaker    16

This is very rushed in my opinion. I Know for a fact you joined yesterday in my timezone.

Sorry too early and too rushed.


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Chilladin    39

No Vouch 

- Too new 
- Haven't seen you much myself (personal experience)  
- As of now, I think we have a lot of helpers, so I would probably only accept someone that's known in the community 

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Yoda    27

Requirements aren't met

This is considered a


Feel free to re-apply in 3 weeks.

If you need more information on why you got declined, other than the requirements,
feel free to pm me on discord.

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