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Goals for 2019

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Firemaker    15
Posted (edited)

So I have thought about my goals in 2019 on KonarPS

These are some I wish to achieve and possibly more will be added..


Finished In progress Not started


13. Road to 1 Billion Exp 

200m Skills

31.8m / 200m Thieving Exp                    27.2m / 200m Crafting Exp

22.7m / 200m Fletching Exp                  200m / 200m Runecrafting Exp


14. Road to max

99/99 Attack                           99/99 Hitpoints                   99/99 Mining

99/99 Strength                       99/99 Agility                        99/99 Smithing

99/99 Defence                        99/99 Herblore                    99/99 Fishing

99/99 Ranged                         99/99 Thieving                    99/99 Cooking

99/99 Prayer                           99/99 Crafting                     79/99 Firemaking

99/99 Mage                             99/99 Fletching                   89/99 Woodcutting

99/99 Runecrafting               99/99 Slayer                         99/99 Farming

0/0 Construction                    99/99 Hunter

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