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A good application?

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Yoda    24

You may be telling yourself... An application doesn't need color, or a decent Lay-out. The requirements are a joke... 
Well... They are needed and the requirements are NOT a joke. 

I will explain how YOU can make an application (Staff-Th-Forum-Wiki) that looks good.

1: Use of colors.
Make sure your application looks appealing but not like a children's drawing book.

Why is this important? 

When we (staff & members) look to an application the first thing we see is... The Lay-out; Colors - Using Bold in your application - good space use... 

2: First Person perspective
Put yourself in the position of actually doing it. Always talk in 1st person (I, myself,me,mine...). 

3: Happy Ending
End on a happy note, don't just say; that's about it, but try to end it without actually saying it.

Can be; thanks in advance for the feedback, I hope you enjoyed reading it,... 

Tips / Tricks:
Check out other approved / Declined application to see why they've been accepted / denied and what could improve. (see down below for instant links.)
If you're bad at english (Mostly structure of sentences) -> Ask somebody else (can be staff) to corrigize it.

3 Things to Remember
That we DO check out!

-What does the community think of you?
-How does his/her application look? As this is a reflection on who you are IRL -> Do you like to get over things quickly or do you actually take your time.
-Your chat logs :). 




I hope this was a great help for you and your future application! Good luck. 

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