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Dhar appeal

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Dharry    1

In-game Username:dhar
In-game Rank:extreme donor
What type of punishment have you received: perm ban
What was the reason for the punishment: being a shithead, annoying, and thinking i know everything better, and saying racist stuff
Why do you think the punishment should be lifter:its been 3 weeks now and ive been thinking alot, didnt think i wanted to give it another chanse, but i do, ive looked at the situation and cale to considering that it was 100% my own fault and i will not provoke or break any rules again, id like to excuse to everyone for my behaviour, and i promise i wont do it again.

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Fox    29

Would like to speak to you about some things regarding your punishment, and application.

Please message me via discord at Fox#8262.



After consulting with the other members of the staff team I've decided to give you a two week probational period.

Should you be caught breaking any of the written rules your account/accounts will be removed from the game permanently.


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