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Custom Minigame

Make this Custom Minigame a thing?  

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Yoda    24

Hello there Konarians !

This is something I've been working on for a decent amount of time right now, and the basic is finished. But i firstly need your thoughts about this !

Would you like to see a fully custom Minigame? Check it out down below and give me your thoughts.




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19 hours ago, Chilladin said:

I can't open the txt file. 


X level fishing/Mining/Woodcutting

How to begin?
Portal at home - nothing to be worn, no items to be held

How does it start?
You start your life as a human. You will find a pickaxe, hatchet and fishing net in the begin spot.

You will fight Npc's starting low level to medium until High level.

NPC's -> https://gyazo.com/82cde073d4179b82f156e582fc775935

Points are obtained by killing npc's and by skilling.The higher the tier of the resource/Npc, the more points you gain.
The items gathered (skilling) don't add up into your inventory.

Use of points? -> Upgrades
Player upgrades: Man/Woman -> Highwayman -> Wizard -> Guard -> Varrock Guard -> Falador Guard -> Demi-God -> GOD -> Guthix.
Weapon upgrades: Bronze -> ... -> Dragon -> Elder -> Divine
Gear upgrades: Bronze -> ... -> Dragon -> Elder -> Divine
Skilling upgrades: Unlocking the next tier

Fight against your fellow gods.

Divine shop -> Mboxes-Barrows- -------TO BE DONE---------

The Room itself:
    Potion wall -> Ability to buy 1 /3 / 5 potions (Super combat potion - Prayer Potion)
    Food wall -> Ability to buy 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 food pieces. (Anglerfish - Karambwans)
    Upgrade chest -> Possibility to buy upgrades (See Section Use of Points)
    Skip Timer lever -> Possibility to skip the remaining time until next round.
They will either fall down a trapdoor, come via an elevator or appear from out of the wall.

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