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Littleman    3
Posted (edited)

 username: Littleman
Age: 29
Timezone: GMT+0 (UK/England)
Total time played on the server: 
How many hours can you play each week: 20+ Each Week 
Why should you be accepted as one of our Trusted Hosts:  
I have host Exp from other servers that people from Konar know me from I am always active and happy to help inside the:: gamble I follow all the Rules and make sure people are fair honest and polite to each other when inside the gambling zone and most of all that we all have FUN. 
#Cantwin them All 
Can you record with any software IF you have to: Yes I Use Bandicam To Record all my gambles
What would you do in the following situations (please explain in details): 
1. If a player has been scammed and provides video proof or screenshots:  
If someone Comes to me saying they have been scammed with video proof I would ask for it to be sent to my discord so I can review and take look to see wot the problem was and who MM to see if we can sort this without asking an admin or staff members to step in. Screenshots are not Great Proof of scams but if this happened would talk to a staff/Admin to see if they could handle this. 
2. If a player has been scammed and has no proof: 
If a player is saying they have been scammed without any sort of proof would ask the MM (if used) or tell them no refund can be given without video proof and to read the Rules of:: gamble before coming back.
3. If you see anyone self-holding:
If the self-holding is taking place would tell Staff or Admin issue a warning unless Tds have the Power to do so then Would issue myself and would inform admin/staff. 
Do you agree with our rules & requirements provided here: 
I Agree to all Rule. 
Thanks, Littleman 

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Guru    39
Posted (edited)

Hi buddy, I’m staying Neutral because;

• Either it’s a rushed application or your spelling/grammar isn’t all too great. Also you do not meet the requirements to apply for a Trusted Host. Could be me but I haven’t really seen you on discord or on the forums..

• But however, you seem like a nice guy though.



Edited by Guru

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Sleepy    18

I agree with Guru, You don't necessarily meet all the requirements shown in ::topic 46, But i'm quite aware of your experience in the gambling world. Nice guy and always has a positive attitude.

But for the Requirements not being met...


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Firemaker    16
Posted (edited)

The Requirements can thrown overboard for me. ( I mean forum posts)

But you know how to write a not rushed application man.

Disappointing to see it so rushed man.



Edited by Firemaker

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